USA Passport Photos
USA Passport Photos Professional lighting, professional photographer, excellent quality. Includes two copies at 2x2 inches printed instantly.
International Passport Photos
International Passport Photos Any size you need for any country, including 35x45 mm, 50x70 mm, 33x48 mm, 2x2.75 inches. Professional lighting, excellent quality. Includes two copies printed instantly.

Passport Photos - any size

We do instant photos for passports, visas, immigration, green card, DV lottery, and citizenship applications. Our professional portrait studio gives you the best and most flattering lighting for your passport photo. We do US passports and custom sizes for any country, including Canadian with stamp, UK with code, and EU, including 2x2 inches, 35x45 mm, 50x70 mm, 33x48 mm etc.


We are recommended by the consulates of Canada, Australia, and Germany in Seattle. But I can do photos for all countries. We also do many photos for Britain, China visa, Ireland, India, France, Italy, Russia, Croatia, Schengen visa, Taiwan, and DV lottery.


Rate is $49 for the first person, and $49 for an additional adult, and $29 for an additional child under 18. A second country is $29. Includes two copies. Additional copies are $5 for a set of two.


Photos are printed instantly, it only takes a few minutes.


Electronic digital soft copy also available at no additional charge. (There may be a charge if you wish to use the photos for other purposes.) Yes we can do photos for infants and children. 


Sorry no walk-ins, please make an appointment by clicking this orange button:  






I have done passport photos for American, Canadian, Chinese visa, English, UK, British, Russian, Irish, Scottish, German, Australian, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Dutch, Schengen, India, French, Italy, Japanese, Portuguese, Denmark, Poland, Singapore, Mexico, Taiwan, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Greek, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, Lithuania, Jamaica, Swiss, Thailand, Bangladesh, police and criminal records clearance photos, diversity lottery visa, resume.

Why Choose AdonisPhoto?
Service Our Competitors Adonis Photo
Lighting Fluorescent store lighting Professional photo studio lighting
Experience Store clerk Professional photographer
Photo Size 2x2 inch 2x2 inch, 2x2.75 inch, 50x70 mm, 35x45 mm, 33x48 mm, any size
Smiling No Yes, if allowed by that country
Background White White, grey, blue, cream
Camera Small snapshot Professional SLR camera
Electronic digital version No, paper only Yes, paper and electronic soft copy resized and emailed to you
Price $


More copies $$ $
Acceptance Rate for USA 90% 100% 

Acceptance Rate for other countries





If I have taken your photo and you want more copies, they are available for $15 for the first two copies and $5 for each additional set of 2 copies. To make it easy to find your photos, please reply to your email confirmation or email receipt with the following information:

1. How many copies per person?
2. What size/country?
3. If you would like me to mail them, please send your mailing address.
4. If you want to pick them up, please make an appointment for a 15 minute meeting using the orange button above.